Welcome to unseen_open’s documentation!

An open, reproducible and transferable workflow to assess and anticipate climate extremes beyond the observed record.

UNSEEN-open is an open source project using the global SEAS5 and ERA5 datasets. It makes evaluation of model simulations and extreme value analysis easy in order to anticipate climate extremes beyond the observed record. The project is developed as part of the ECMWF summer of weather code 2020 (esowc), which is funded by Copernicus.

UNSEEN-open relies on xarray for data preprocessing and uses ggplot and extRemes for the extreme value analysis. The extreme value utilities are being developed into an UNSEEN Rpackage.

Read all about UNSEEN-open in our preprint!


In our recent NPJ Climate and Atmospheric Science paper we outline four potential applications where we believe UNSEEN might prove to be useful:

  1. Help estimate design values, especially relevant for data scarce regions

  2. Improve risk estimation of natural hazards by coupling UNSEEN to impact models

  3. Detect trends in rare climate extremes

  4. Increase our physical understanding of the drivers of (non-stationarity of) climate extremes

We hope this approach may see many applications across a range of scientific fields!

The workflow:


All code and example data are available under the open source MIT License.


When using the code or example data, please cite this project. If any questions may arise, please don’t hesitate to get in touch t.kelder@lboro.ac.uk.