Anaconda is used as package manager.


For the retrieval and pre-processing of the data, the Copernicus Data Store (CDS) Python API cdsapi and xarray python packages are used. These can be installed using the environment provided in this directory.

conda env create -f environment.yml

This creates a conda environment called ‘basic_analysis’. The environment can be activated using:

conda activate basic_analysis

To get this environment as a kernel on jupyter, we need to install ‘ipykernel’ in the activated environment:

conda install -c anaconda ipykernel

And then install the environment:

python -m ipykernel install --user --name=basic_analysis

Hopefully, you will see the environment now as an available kernel!


For the evaluation, extreme value analysis and visualization, we use R ggplot and extRemes packages. The evaluation tests have been developed into an ‘UNSEEN’ R-package. These packages can be installed as follows:

[ ]:
### install regular packages
install.packages("extRemes") # for extreme value statistics
install.packages("ggplot2") # for plotting

### install GitHub packages (tag = commit, branch or release tag)
devtools::install_github("timokelder/UNSEEN") # for evaluation